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You saw Dalton’s truck. Maybe you even got to talk to him. That’s great! We’re big fans of Dalton. If you’re interested in joining the Wave team with Dalton, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more below.

rv trucker

What does Dalton do?

Dalton owns his own business. He’s an independant contractor for Wave Express transporting RVs from factories to dealers all over the country. Here are some of the great benefits of his job.

  • Sets his own schedule
  • Picks his own destinations
  • Drives in the comfort of his own truck
  • Gets some of the highest pay in the industry
  • Has a mobile app to track all his business details
  • Has a community of hundreds of other drivers to support him

Ready to drive with Wave?

Are you ready to get out on the open road, own your own business, and have the schedule freedom you’ve always wanted? Your first step is to apply online. Then you’ll chat with a recruiter to answer any questions you may have. Then after a short orientation, you’re headed out on the road for your first trip. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!

Make sure to add Dalton’s Driver Number in the referral field: 8H22

Get paid to see the country!

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