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Transport RVs with Wave

Why Drive With Wave?

Whether you’re just looking to get into RV Transport or you’re already in the RV transport business, you should know exactly what each carrier has to offer before you begin. That’s why we’ve created this page. Not only will you find the benefits of driving with Wave, but you’ll also find the requirements needed to get into RV transport with us. If you find that you still have questions, feel free to start a chat here or give our recruiters a call. 


Mobile App with Load Board


No Pull-Out Fees on loads under 300 miles


Great Pay per Loaded Mile


No ELD required


Driver discounts at fuel stops, hotels, auto parts stores, and more


Recruiting Bonus


Never wash a load


24/7 Pick Up


Year round work with consistent reload options

Join the Wave Express Family

If you are looking for a family-like, professional atmosphere, you've found the right place.

RV Transport Requirements

As an independent contractor in the RV transport business, you’ll need to meet these requirements in order to drive with Wave Express. Most items are standard to the industry, while some are specific to Wave. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our recruiting team.

  • Age Requirement: Wave Express independent contractor drivers must be at least 23 years of age.
  • Valid Driver’s license:  A Class A CDL is preferred, but an operator’s license to drive commercially is acceptable.  Please check with the state you possess your driver’s license.
  • Work History: You must submit a complete 10-year work history on the Wave application.  If you have been unemployed, retired, in school, or not working due to medical reasons at any time during the last 10 years, please list that information in the work history section to fill in gaps in dates between jobs.
  • Acceptable PSP: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s pre-employment screening program (PSP): 

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s pre-employment screening program (PSP) is a program that helps motor carriers make more informed hiring decisions by providing electronic access to a driver’s crash and inspection history from the MCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). PSP records are now available for motor carriers and commercial drivers. You may obtain a PSP by clicking this link:

  • Acceptable MVR: If you have had more than one license in the last 3 years, then we require a report from each individual state.
    It cannot contain more than 4 points on a driver’s license, to include no more than 1 moving violations and 0 at fault accidents in past 5 years. There must be no moving violation suspensions.

***A history of Drug-related convictions, DUI, DWI, OWI, careless driving, reckless driving, or habitual offender convictions will disqualify an applicant from further consideration. ***

  • Road Test: Pass a company road test during orientation.
  • Pass a company drug screen.
  • Pass a DOT Physical: You must obtain a DOT physical prior to orientation.
  • Phone: You must have an activated Smartphone with voicemail set up. This is required for accessing the Wave mobile app which works with iPhones or Android devices. (iOS 13 or newer / Android 7 or newer)
  • Electronic Logging: Wave requires driver daily logs to be completed electronically using the free Motive Driver app on either a Smart Phone or tablet.
  • Contractor Deposit:  Wave will establish a CSA (Contractor Savings Account). 10% of the gross pay is deducted from each dispatched trip and held in a non-interest-bearing escrow account until it accrues to $1,500.  The money is held in lieu of damage claims as a security deposit. It is yours to take it with you if you leave or retire as long as there are no damage claims.
  • ORIENTATION: Approved applicants will be invited to our two-day orientation, which is available Monday thru Friday.  Both segments start at 8:00am EST and are in-person at the Wave Express Recruiting Center located in Goshen, IN. 
  • Plate Rental:  Transporter plates will be assigned to each contractor during orientation.  The rental fee is only $10.00 per month.
  • Wave requires $1,000,000 Unladen Liability coverage/Certificate of Insurance. (Non-Trucking Liability is not an acceptable alternative). Unladen Liability Insurance pays damages to 3rd party property or people anytime you are not hauling the property of others. For more information on Unladen Policies contact one of the insurance companies below.
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide standard Bodily Injury/Physical Damage as well as Comprehensive & Collision coverage for the truck. The Unladen Liability Coverage is in addition to this standard coverage.


Cottingham & Butler

*Does not include electronic transaction fees.**

*Vehicles registered in NY are ineligible.


Physical Damage: $3.96 per $1,000 value + $1.45 Admin. Fee per month

Example Cost: $35,000/$1,000 x $3.96 + $1.45 = $140.05 monthly (*Does not include electronic transactions fees.**)

  • C&B minimum age: 23 years old

    Northwoods Insurance Inc

    • Truck Registration: Wave recommends the equivalent to a 26,000 pounds GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and no higher
    • Scale Ticket listing the actual weight of the truck
    • Annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection (this is a one-page form)


    NOTE:  Before an Annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection is administered, you must have 3 bi-directional emergency triangles, and a fully charged fire extinguisher securely mounted with screws in the bed or cab of your truck.

    • Wave Express requires a 2005 or newer Pickup Truck (Vans and SUVs are not permitted)
    • Truck must be ¾ Ton or 1 Ton. (½ ton trucks, vans, or SUVs are unacceptable.)
    • Truck can be owned or financed.  Enterprise truck Leasing is available by contacting Enterprise at 574-206-8899

    Click on the links below to see examples

    • Commercial rated 10-ply tires, Load Range E. (Passenger tires or 8-ply are not acceptable)
    • Exterior towing mirrors (extendable or extensions)
    • Window tint or darkening film on the windshield or front seat door windows below 70% transparency of the built-in factory glass tint must be removed. (Federal Regulation)
    • Electric Trailer Brake Control built into the dashboard or aftermarket secured near the driver controls and within reach of the driver
    • Driver Daily Logbook with Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Reports (in case electronic device malfunctions)
    • No items (toolboxes, fuel tanks, etc.) protruding above bed height with 5th wheel equipped trucks
    • Truck Bed height measured behind the rear tires must not exceed 59”, no suspension lift kits allowed, airbags are acceptable, if operational
    • 8ft or 6ft bed on truck with NOTHING above bed rails (measurement from inside of bed)
    • Loose items on a flatbed or in an open truck bed must be firmly secured if the bed is not covered
    • Mud Flaps attached firmly to both rear tire wells
    • Rubber Mud Flap the width of the rear bumper and not beyond to protect the front of the trailers, and mounted no less than 4” from touching the ground to allow for truck squatting
    • 5 B:C UL rated Fire Extinguisher with gauge securely mounted with screws in the cab or bed
    • 2 Ball Sizes: a 2-5/16” rated at 10,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 20” and 22”, and a 2” rated at 6,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 18” and 26”.  Height is measured from the ground to the highest point of the ball or the top flat surface of the ball.
    • Metal Carabiner or Threaded Chain Link to attach the travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer breakaway cable to a secure part that is directly connected to the truck (rear receiver, 5th wheel frame rails, etc.).
    • ¼” Diameter Shackle Padlock to secure trailer coupler to the truck ball hitch.
    • 20K minimum rated 5th wheel hitch, a sliding 5th wheel hitch is required for a truck bed shorter than 8’. 
    • Emergency Warning Devices consisting of 3 triangles that are bidirectional (reflective on both sides).
    • Spare Fuses, an assortment of flat, multi-color, 5amp through 30 amp silver blade style (check the fuse box in the truck for the proper micro or mini size).
    • Deep Cycle Marine Battery for trailer breakaway system, and Battery Case with removable cover. Size 24
    • Ratchet Strap to secure Deep Cycle Marine Battery Case to travel trailer frame. 1’ or 3” wide recommended
    • Bungee Cords
    • 6-foot Safety chain with hooks on both ends (5/16 or thicker)
    • ½” Drive Torque Wrench rated at 125-foot pounds to tighten trailer lug nuts to 100-foot pounds
    • ½” Drive Standard Sockets (3/4”, 13/16”, and 7/8”), same size in Deep Wall for 5th wheel trailers lugs
    • Load Distribution Bars rated at 1,000 pounds minimum for towing travel trailers (recommended brands, Eaz-Lift, Curt, or Reese)
    • 7-Pin Electric Female Connector
    • 7-Way Tester
    • 7′ Pigtail extension
    • Locking Cotter Pin (have an extra on hand)
    • EZPass
    • Bluetooth Capable Printer
    • Dash Cam must be installed in a location that does not obstruct the windshield

    How do I outfit my truck with all the required equipment?

    Wave is conveniently located in the capital of the RV manufacturing world.  As a result, there are many qualified vendors in the area to help with your truck outfitting needs. You may outfit your truck wherever you wish, but we offer the following vendor links for comparison shopping:

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