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We all have our driving pet peeves. Those of us who drive for a living probably have a heightened sense of roadway annoyances. The question we all need to ask ourselves, though, is, “What am I doing that drives other drivers crazy?”

That’s right, we’re looking in the mirror in this blogpost. And it might get a little uncomfortable. But for the sake of all drivers everywhere, stop doing these things:

Hanging Out In The Passing Lane

The passing lane is there for a reason. It’s for passing only. In fact, several states have deemed it illegal to cruise endlessly in the left lane. If you’re driving across several states, you might as well save yourself a ticket and use the passing lane correctly. You do this by moving to the left lane to pass a slower motorist then moving back into the right lane as soon as possible. Don’t forget your blinker! Which leads us into…

Neglecting Your Turn Signal

We can’t read your mind or your GPS, hence the blinker. Use it. And here’s the thing, if you neglect your turn signal because no one is around, you’ll develop the horrible habit of neglecting it on a regular basis. Bonus tip: remember to ensure it is no longer blinking after your turn!

Riding Bumpers

Have you ever been inspired to become a better driver when someone was riding your bumper? You riding theirs will be just as unmotivational. Instead of trying to force the grandpa ahead of you to speed up, take this opportunity to correctly use the passing lane!

Getting Distracted

Here’s where all of the above applies- cruising in the passing lane because you forgot to get back over, or neglecting your turn signal because you didn’t notice that car behind you, or driving too close to another driver on accident are not legitimate excuses. Pay attention! Distracted drivers are annoying!

Blowing Through Yellow Lights

Now, there’s nothing wrong with driving through a yellow light. But if you’re blowing through when it’s practically red, you’re holding up traffic all over the place. Think of the poor guy who’s been waiting the whole green light to turn left and you almost barrel into him because you accelerated through the yellow. And then the other lanes have to wait for you and it’s just a whole mess.

Cutting People Off

You know you hate it when people do it to you. Hold your horses for just one more second and get in behind them. You’ll have one less enemy in your life and all it took was one extra second. That said, don’t be the annoying one who waits and waits and waits until you’ve created enemies out of the sixteen cars behind you. It’s all about balance here.

There’s an endless supply of pet peeves we could go on listing for years. But the fact of the matter is, there are some pet peeves that go beyond annoying and are incredibly dangerous habits. These are those pet peeves. Stop these habits for the sake of others’ sanity and everyone’s safety!

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