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Looking for the best tech for driving long distances? We’ve got the list! Read on.

The Good Ol’ Days

Remember the good ol’ days? When you had to grope around the back seat while driving in search of the atlas that had fallen just out of reach? After risking your life to grab it, spilling hot coffee on yourself in the process, you haphazardly balanced the oversized thing on the steering wheel. You would veer dangerously close to the center line as you attempted to get your bearings while looking at the map. Eventually, you would pull off the road to get a better look because you kept losing your place every time you’d glance up at the road. You’d find your supposed location on the map then toss it into the back seat again, convinced that you wouldn’t need it anymore. Then the whole scene would repeat itself another several miles down the road.

Ah the good ol’ days. I’m so glad they’re over.

Technology has changed the world– specifically the RV transport world. It’s incredible the things we no longer have to suffer through as we drive long distances. Thank you, technology!

The likelihood is you’re already using technology while driving, even if you’re new to transporting. But do you know about all the possibilities? Here’s a list of the best tech for driving that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them:

The Best Tech for Driving

Smart Phone

Yes, this is a no-brainer. But let’s just take a minute to reminisce about the time when car phones were a rarity and cell phones weren’t a thing. How did anyone survive? We may never know. Of course another no-brainer is smart phone safety. (Don’t text and drive!) Some of the following technology will help you use your phone safely and effectively.

Smart Phone Holder

One of these is essential. It allows you to place your phone at or near eye level so you can see and touch the screen effortlessly and safely. Look for a holder that allows you to place and remove your phone easily. The ability to have your phone charging while it’s in the holder is also an important convenience. The iOttie Easy One Touch is an excellent option.

Portable Charger

You can plug a charger into the auxiliary port like most people do. Or you could make it easy to charge your devices even at a rest stop, restaurant, or anywhere else you find yourself needing a charger. The Anker PowerCore is a portable charger that offers multiple plug in options and can fully charge your smart phone or tablet several times before it needs to be recharged itself.

Bluetooth Adapter

Trying to find a new radio station every few miles is almost as annoying as using an atlas to navigate. Do yourself a major favor and purchase a bluetooth adapter. It plugs into your auxiliary port (some allow you to charge your phone through it) so you can play music, audiobooks, or podcasts from your phone through your car stereo or bluetooth headset. You can answer phone calls without having to remove your phone from it’s handy holder. Mpow is a good option.

Bluetooth Headset

With all this technology, you never have to pick up your phone while you’re on the road. A bluetooth headset means everything coming from your phone is going directly into your ear. You can chat on the phone, listen to music, and hear your GPS even if you’re cruising with your windows down.

Portable Jump Starter

Surely this wouldn’t ever happen to you, but if your truck battery dies by some crazy fluke, a portable jump starter will have you back on the road in no time. No need to flag someone down for the use of their jumper cables and car battery. Not only that, the right kind of portable jump starter allows you to charge your devices with it at the same time. Try out the GOOLOO jump starter.

Dash Cam and Alexa

Garmin Speak Plus is a nifty bit of technology that’s loaded with conveniences. It has a dash cam with driver assistance features and a voice navigation system. And it has Alexa with all her power. Ask Alexa for directions, music, weather, etc.

Global Positioning System

There’s a plethora of GPS options, the most obvious of which is your smart phone. Garmin is another great option. The bottom line is, those cumbersome atlases are just a blip in our human history. Thank you, technology!

The Long Drive

You’re equipped with some of the very best tech for driving. Put it all to excellent use by transporting RVs for Wave Express! Contact us today about getting paid to travel with all the convenience of technology!

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