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The following terms and conditions apply to all contractors using the Wave Express Driver Mobile Assistant app. Independent contractors and staff are committed to safe operations at all times and in accordance with FMCSA laws

  • Contractor commits to abide by all federal and state laws regarding use of a mobile device while servicing leased carrier
  • Contractor commits to avoid distractions, especially those caused by mobile devices while driving commercially for assigned carrier
  • The contractor acknowledges that this mobile app is designed to offer a “block” message when the mobile app is engaged for speeds over 5mph. This prevention “block” is designed for passenger use only.
  • Contractor commits to executing their annual safety school training, each calendar year,  on or near their anniversary date
  • The contractor commits to applying safe defensive driving techniques learned in safety school, by the National Safety Council teachings, at all times. Furthermore, commits to safe decision making regarding speed, DOT required logging, proper rest management, space cushioning, following distance, safe parking and turning and incident/damage management by adhering to company mandates.
  • Contractor commits to professional decorum at all times, as a professional driver and to represent their assigned carrier in accordance with the contractor guidelines and the company’s service standards
  • The contractor understands and agrees to comply with and execute all federal DOT hours of service laws applicable to commercial driving activity, not limited to but including the following FMCSR mandates below, as taught during the carrier’s initial orientation at the time of lease.

Carrier HOS logging guidelines
DOT Mandate and Company service request

Failure to comply and execute based on application rule may result in non-use of the contractor’s service.

1. 70 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

The contractor may log a maximum of 70 hours on duty in 8 consecutive days. This is calculated by adding the amount of driving time and time spent On Duty (not driving).

2. 34 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

If contractor exhausts’ any part or all of their 70 hours, they can reset their available hours back to
70 by taking a 34 Consecutive hour break OFF DUTY.

3. 14 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

Once a contractor has started their shift they have ONLY 14 continuous hours to complete all activities before their shift ends. (Both On Duty and Driving activities)
Examples are PTI’s, Picking up, Delivering, Fueling, All time interacting with Law Enforcement, and Drug Tests.

4. 11 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

You may drive up to 11 hours within your 14 hour shift.

5. 10 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

The contractor must have 10 Hours OFF Duty after they have completed their shift, and before starting their next duty shift.

6. 8 Hour Rule FMCSR 395.3

The contractor must take a 30 minute O_ Duty break no later than the beginning of 8th hour after having been ON Duty.

7. Form and Manner rule FMCSR 395.8

The contractor must “sign” log, by the end of a duty status day, every day. Non signed logs will be in violation of the form and manner code.

8. Last Duty status record FMCSR 395.3

DOT requires the driver to maintain an HOS record, current through the last duty change
For example, a driver undergoing a roadside DOT inspection is deemed to be “current” if the record shows the most recent transition from on-duty, like for the PTI, Fuel fill-up to driving.

Carrier request for service

Failure to execute service requests may result in non-use of contractor’s service.

1. Keep Truckin Logging App

The contractor will only utilize the Keep Truckin mobile app for all HOS and DOT log requirements. Contractor will not use any additional or other device, including paper log.

While leased to a carrier, the contractor will remain signed in to the Keep Truckin app at all times, every day, while under lease. KT is not a GPS tracker, nor does it use cell data while logged in (only when transmitting data). KT estimates cell data is just a few megabytes per week for “normal” usage.

2. Logging Bobtail or Empty Miles

Carrier requests all contractors to use Keep Truckin app to log bobtail mileage from delivery point to home and from home to origin point. Skip logging and any form of log falsification will not be tolerated.

3. OFF Duty log submission
Carrier request contractors to submit their OFF duty logs, no longer than 5 calendar days between submissions. Disclaimer: User must acknowledge these terms and conditions, with every app login, by pressing the “I accept these terms” on the home page. Access to the Driver Mobile Assistant app will not be granted without the acknowledgment of these terms.

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