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Flatbed RV Transport

While Wave Express doesn’t offer a flatbed opportunity, our friends at Horizon Transport do, and here’s what that can mean for you! If you have any questions about the flatbed opportunity, please reach out to the Horizon Transport recruiting team.

flatbed rv transport

Flatbed Benefits

Horizon’s Flatbed division is their highest opportunity for growth. We know that a truck and trailer can be a 6-figure investment, but that simply means your return will be much higher. 

  • Highest pay opportunity
    • Double – $2.55 per mile
    • Triple – $2.92 per mile 
  • Most reload opportunities
  • Diverse loads
  • A high level of respect among the driving community
  • Don’t have a trailer? No problem, Horizon has trailers for lease.


Fill out this basic form below to connect with the Horizon Transport recruiting team. 

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