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What is DPU?

Wave Express is one of America’s largest RV delivery transportation carriers and one of America’s largest dealer pick up carriers (DPU). What does (DPU) dealer pick up mean?

Wave Express provides one stop transportation service directly to the dealer/customer. This includes insurance protection, order management, factory shuttle and staging, expedient delivery and online status access through our customer portal. RV dealers have choices on what form of transportation platform is deployed. 



A dealer may choose to have the manufacturer manage the transportation of the units.



A dealer may choose to use their own means to manage the transportation of the units.



A dealer may choose to use a carrier service to manage the transportation of their units (DPU)

Why use Wave Express as your DPU carrier?

Simple – we’re cost effective, convenient, protective, and capable.

How does it work?


Order Management

Wave customer service will manager your RV order from start to finish. No hassle and updates available anytime!

Staging & Storage

Wave shuttle operations will manage accessing your unit from the manufacturer and staging at one of 13 secure staging yards in northern Indiana. Staging yards in ID, OR and CA are available as well.   This includes a factory pre trip of your unit, same day pickup from the factory, and extended storage needs if necessary.

Load Management

Wave dispatch will have your unit assigned by a professional independent contractor and expedited to the designated delivery destination.

Load Tracking

Customer will have online access to order status, from order entry to invoice submission.
We are with you every step of the way.


A Wave assigned independent contractor driver will complete a post trip delivery and will possess the factory acceptance form and required delivery documentation for a quick and easy delivery process.

DPU service allows our dealer customers to focus less on transportation logistics and exposures and more on RV sales and customer satisfaction. 

Allow Wave Express to service your transportation needs today!

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