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Even if you do everything right on the road, sometimes things just go wrong. Accidents are inconvenient. However, there are many ways you can be prepared for whatever happens. If you don’t already have a car emergency kit, you should. This is where you can store any materials which would be of use if you were to have an accident or break down on a trip. Ready to put together your car emergency kit? Here are 7 things to include.

1. Tire replacement tools.

Flat tires are the absolute worst. If you pop a tire on the road, you’ll want to have a tire jack, a lug wrench, a spare tire, and maybe a can of Fix-a-Flat. These items won’t replace the need to visit a shop; however, they will at least keep your vehicle drivable until you’re able to get to one.

2. Flashlight.

A very important thing to keep in your car emergency kit is a flashlight. Most smartphones nowadays have a flashlight feature, but if your phone battery dies, you’re going to want a backup. Flashlights are helpful if you need to do any type of repairs in the dark, or if you need to locate something under a seat.

3. First aid kit.

A first aid kit can come in handy for many things – bandages, headache medicine, gauze, and the list goes on. Even if you just snagged a hangnail, you’ll be thankful you had your first aid kit with you. If you happen to get in an accident or hurt yourself fixing something in your car, a first aid kit will be the best thing for you in your car emergency kit.

4. Jumper cables.

If your battery is old or the weather is just terrible, the need to jump start your car battery may arise. Jumper cables are going to be your new best friend when and if that happens, so stick them in your car emergency kit. They can also allow you to play the hero if you’re near someone else whose car battery has died, so why not?

5. Fire extinguisher.

Though a car fire is unlikely, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A Class B or Class C fire extinguisher is fantastic to keep in your road trip toolkit. This website goes into detail about why you should keep a fire extinguisher in your car and where you should store it.

6. Blanket.

A blanket keeps you warm if you have to be outside during a colder season. Additionally, you can lay a blanket on the ground to keep yourself clean if you need to get under your vehicle to fix something. Or, if you’re experiencing driver fatigue, snuggle up with your blanket when you pull off for a power nap!

7. Extra food.

In the event you get stranded on the road, you should keep at least 48 hours’ worth of food in your car emergency kit. Crackers, nuts, and jerky are examples of foods that are less sensitive to temperature changes. Most importantly, choose foods for your kit that will not spoil – you don’t want food poisoning on top of everything else going on!

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of things to keep in your car emergency kit, these are definitely some key items to have with you. Whether or not you encounter an emergency on a trip, it’s best to be prepared for anything. At Wave Express, your safety and preparedness is our priority. We wish you safe travels!

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