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Thanks to the inventors of the world with drivers in mind, there are so many products out there to help you stay comfortable on long trips. From seat cushions to phone chargers, they’ve got you covered. The holidays are coming up – consider adding these products to your Christmas list! Here are 3 products that can help you stay comfortable on road trips.

1. Seat Gap Filler

Meet the seat gap filler – your new best friend on the road. If you’ve ever eaten a snack while driving, chances are you’ve dropped something in the space between your seat and the console. It’s so difficult to get back anything you’ve lost down there. However, this product solves that problem for you! 

It goes between your seat and console to catch anything you may drop! Now you won’t have to worry about contorting your hand and arm to reach into the gap; your items will be right next to your seat and easy to reach. You can find this and similar products on Amazon!

2. Multi-Port Car Charger

In the age of smartphones being used as GPS devices, you may find yourself needing to charge the battery. Additionally, if you have other devices besides your phone to charge, one USB port won’t be enough. Thankfully, this 4-port car charger adapter is here to solve that problem. With 4 ports, you can charge your phone and three other electronics all at the same time!

3. Portable Trash Can

It may be worth investing in a small portable trash can rather than throwing your trash onto the floorboard, on the passenger seat, or in a leftover grocery bag. Cars get messy quickly –  especially when you spend a significant amount of time driving in them. A trash can keeps your car less cluttered and much cleaner while you travel!

If there are any other products you use to stay comfortable behind the wheel, please let us know! Here at Wave Express, the safety of our drivers is our first priority. We wish you safe travels during this season!

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