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Attention Wave Drivers

California “Site” deliveries 

Our next CoVid19- relief project is moving 38 trailers from Fresno, CA and Anderson, CA stores to 11 designated sites in the Los Angeles area.

These deliveries will be a little more involved. Drivers will be asked to setup the RV at the destination point, ready for living.

Driver will receive $250 for a full setup.   

Each unit will be stocked with 1 water hose, 2 wheel chocks, 6 leveling blocks, 1 sewer kit and 1 package of holding tank chemicals.  Driver will need to level the units, pull out the slide outs, attach the water hoses, set up the wheel chocks, attach the sewer kits, and attach the electrical cords.  

Driver will double check that the lights, water lines, and appliances are working properly after the set up.  People will be utilizing these RVs immediately after they arrive.

Required form   Download Temporary Housing Form Here
Each trailer will come with a “Temporary Housing Form”. This is a required form for the driver to complete with the end receiving party. Driver must submit the completed and signed form with their delivery documents. Failure to submit housing form may result in delayed settlement until form is retrieved, so please do not forget. 

Units moving from dealer city and total deliveries per location

Anderson, CA to:

Covina, CA (6)
El Monte, CA (2)
San Fernando, CA (4)
San Gabriel, CA (5)
Alhambra, CA (1)

Fresno, CA to:

Arcadia, CA (5)
Azusa, CA (4)
Claremont, CA (1)
El Monte, CA (8)
Irwindale, CA (1)

All locations will be manned by government officials and contact info will be on your bill of lading.

Reload orders will be available for assignment on Friday morning.
Please contact your Traffic Manager right now to sign up and be ready to help.

This is another chance to impact directly those in need.
Thank you for your service and help during this national crisis. 

Drive safe today

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