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It’s officially back to school season, which means families and students taking over the highways. With such a heavy influx of drivers, safety becomes even more of a priority. It’s going to get hectic, so make sure you’re driving accordingly. Here are our tips for driving safely during the back to school season.

1. Keep your focus on the road – even more than usual.

Distracted driving is always something to avoid. However, during the back to school season, staying focused on the road is increasingly important. If you or someone around you is distracted looking at a phone or something else, there could potentially be an accident. For these reasons, it’s imperative for your attention to stay on the task at hand: driving safely.

2. Be hyper-aware of the cars around you.

Because of the unfamiliarity of parents taking their kids back to school, they may drive more slowly or, on the contrary, more erratically. Make sure your defensive driving strategies stay fresh in your mind. You can’t control what other people do on the highway. What you can control is the way you react and respond. Be cautious when you pass cars, and always keep an eye out for crazy drivers. 

3. Allow a little extra room for people to pass you.

It’s very easy to focus on the road so much that you nearly miss your exit. For unfamiliar parents, that’s a strong possibility as they’re heading back to school. During this time, leave a little extra room in front of your vehicle for people to pass if necessary. Not only will this keep you safer, but it’ll allow for people to avoid missing their exit – it’s a win-win.

This back to school season, our folks here at Wave Express want to help make sure you’re staying safe and getting to your destination in one piece. We wish you safe travels during the remainder of this summer and throughout the year!

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