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There are tons of advertisements and signs about not texting and driving. Despite this being one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving, there are many others. By being aware of the different types of distracted driving, you’ll be able to prepare for your trip and proceed safely.  

1. Taking Your Eyes Off The Road

Make sure you find a song, podcast, or radio show you’re comfortable listening to for a while. Changing the radio station while driving takes your eyes off the road. Even if it’s for just a few seconds, you’re missing out on what’s happening around you. This could potentially cause an accident. If you’re not a fan of what you’re listening to, find a safe place to pull off the road to adjust your radio. Or, just try to grin and bear it until your next pit stop; it may be hard, but it’ll keep you safer. 

Additionally, program your GPS before hitting the road to avoid having to check or change it along the way. Even if you feel fully confident about knowing your way in the beginning, it can’t hurt to be safe and have the GPS programmed just in case. 

2. Driving With A Wandering Mind

When your mind wanders, you become less aware of what’s happening around you; this can put yourself or others in danger. For example, if you’re thinking about the song or podcast you’re listening to, you are driving distracted. 

The hum of the highway is almost hypnotic, so it can be hard to stay focused. However, it’s important to stay aware of what’s happening on the road around you. Try listening to something calming that won’t cause you to have a strong reaction. Strong feelings about what you’re listening can cause you to react physically. By tensing up or getting angry, you could inadvertently shift the wheel and cause a dangerous situation. To avoid this, find something you’re comfortable listening to for the whole distance. 

3. Taking Your Hands Off The Wheel

Bad things can happen when your hands are off the wheel. Eating while driving or adjusting something in the passenger seat can lead to a dangerous situation. If your hands leave the wheel while you’re driving, you lose control, and that’s the last thing you want when driving a large vehicle. 

To avoid a potentially dangerous situation, eat a snack during your breaks from driving. It may be less convenient, but it’s worth protecting yourself and others in the long run. Also, make sure that everything is in its place before hitting the road to avoid making adjustments while driving. Not only does it take your hands off the wheel, but it can also cause you to move the wheel and swerve your vehicle. 

There is so much emphasis on not texting and driving because it is a combination of all three types of distraction: mental, physical, and visual. Each type of distracted driving is dangerous enough on its own. However, the combination of them all can be deadly to yourself or to others. If you’re concerned about being reached in an emergency, a hands-free device is always an option. Be careful, though: hands-free devices have the potential to be just as distracting.

Here at Wave Express, your safety on the road is of the utmost importance. By staying focused on the road, you are protecting yourself and others around you. Safe travels!

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