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It is always a wise practice to do our best to save on fuel. As an RV transporter, less money spent on fuel means more money lining your pockets. But how do you go about saving some green while hauling heavy loads cross country?

It may surprise you how easy it is to lower your fuel costs with just a few simple tricks. In fact, implementing these tips on your longest hauls could yield the greatest savings. But no matter the distance, make these money-saving tips a regular part of your driving routine and you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

Drive Efficiently

The desire to get the job done quickly can lend to a heavy foot on the peddle, but consider the implications. Higher speeds expend fuel faster. You may be ticking down the miles but you’ll also be ticking up the cost. You also run the risk of a speeding ticket. Not worth it!

What does it look like to drive efficiently? Yes, it means driving a little slower. Even a 1 mph increase can impact the cost at the pump. Choose a safe and efficient speed for your load and then stick with it. Inconsistent speed also impacts your bottom line.

Pack Your Lunch

Speaking of inconsistent speeds, stopping frequently for food can ruin your fuel budget. Eating small portions every couple of hours helps keep you alert while driving long distances but hitting a rest stop every couple of hours is costly. Keep snacks handy so you can bypass what would have been extra stops while still staying alert for the drive. Think of saving the money on expensive gas station and restaurant foods as a bonus!

Invest in an Auxiliary Tank

In the spirit of less stops, an auxiliary fuel tank can keep you cruising for hundreds of miles. Just flip a switch when the fuel is running low in your main tank. The quickest fill up you’ve ever done! Aux tanks also allow you to fill up where and when diesel prices are cheapest (quick bonus tip: avoid weekend fill-ups!). You’ll save money and reach your destination in a timely manner without putting to use that lead foot of yours.

Check Your Tires

It’s a tip you probably know but is super easy to forget. Tire pressure is key to fuel efficiency. Prioritize regular pressure checks as well as quality tires. Be careful to inflate your tires correctly as under- or overinflated tires are the fuel-burning culprits.

While you’re checking tires, you might as well give your whole truck a good lookin’ over. A well-maintained vehicle is more efficient all around!

Track Your Expenses

You’re a business owner after all. Track your fuel costs, as well as any other expenses and get the tax write-off. Find some helpful information here and here. You’ll be grateful for those deductions come tax time!

Tracking your expenses is just part of treating this job like it’s your own. Take pride in caring for your vehicle and your expenses. Be your favorite employee of your one-man business by saving significant amounts of cash with these simple fuel efficient tips!

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