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Hitting the highway for a cross-country delivery? You’re probably all prepared with your bag packed, food in your cooler, your favorite tunes nearby, and your GPS queued up. But do you have a game plan for when drowsiness strikes?

Staying alert on a long drive is no easy task without essential supports. Here’s some life-saving tips for kicking drowsiness to the curb:

Get Plenty of Sleep

Resist the urge to drive off before the sun wakes up if you haven’t had a quality night’s sleep. Driving while sleep deprived is as dangerous as driving drunk. Don’t do it. That being said, it doesn’t really matter when you sleep as long as when you do, it’s somewhere around the recommended 8 hours and you wake up refreshed.

Drink Cold Water

While drinking a refreshing bottle of water could lead to more frequent stops, it’s worth it to keep yourself awake. Staying hydrated, especially with icy cold water, will give you long term alertness without the sudden rise and resulting fall that caffeine produces. That caffeinated jolt of alertness may sound enticing, but it can dehydrate you, leaving you even more drowsy just a few miles down the road. We’re not saying shun all things caffeine, but when you do choose to go for a cup of joe, be sure to counteract it with plenty of water.

Do Some Exercising

Studies are clear that exercise gives you energy. Making exercise a regular habit is ideal, but doing something as simple as taking a short walk at your next rest stop will go a long way in improving your energy. The fresh air will help out, too!

Eat Less Sugar

Staying awake while you drive could be an excellent motivator to eat a healthy diet. It’s especially important to cut back on the sugary, processed foods as they cause major blood sugar spikes resulting in being extra tired. While it isn’t always easy to find healthy food on the road, it can be done and could save your life in more ways than one.

Turn on the Radio

It’s not a bad thing to drive in silence, taking in the scenery and mulling over life. But there will come a point when the silence contributes to your drowsiness. Listen to your favorite upbeat tunes or a good, fictional audiobook. Or better yet, get in some personal and professional development through podcasts and audiobooks.

Getting to where you’re going is important. Ensure that you get there safely by beating the drowsiness. If you’re looking for an opportunity to put your newfound wisdom to use, contact Wave Express and join our team!

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