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Most professions, even the desk job kind, allow you to get up and move at any point of the day. There’s also usually the freedom to pack your own lunch on a daily basis. Add in the accountability of surrounding employees and the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the typical workplace is very doable.

But what if your profession has you on the road most of the time?

Your health is important on the road, too. Maybe even more so.

The Importance of Health on the Road

We’re all aware of the importance of health. We may not all pursue a healthy lifestyle, but we can all agree that we should. But oftentimes we can convince ourselves that a lifestyle of health isn’t feasible when we’re constantly behind the wheel. I disagree!

Sure, health on the road is going to look a little different. But it’s not only feasible, it’s vital in your driving profession! Here’s why:

  • A healthy body has more energy, thus making for a more alert driver.
  • A healthy body doesn’t get sick as often, allowing you more time on the job.
  • A healthy body recovers more quickly, ensuring that you’re able to stay on track with your work goals.
  • A healthy body is a happy body, which means your experience on the road will be a pleasant one!

How to Stay Healthy on the Road

How do you make healthy happen while living the traveling life? Here are some super practical and simple tips that you can implement on your very next trip:

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cooler)

It’s not always possible to pack healthy food, but a cooler definitely improves the possibilities. Chop up your fruits and veggies so they’re easy to grab and munch on. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand. (Did you know that drinking cold water can keep you just as alert while driving as caffein?) A cooler makes it easy to limit sugary and processed snacks and replace them with healthy, nutritional foods.

Go Grocery Shopping

Instead of hitting the drive-thru or being stuck with whatever the nearest rest stop has to offer, run into the grocery store. You’ll find one anywhere you are on your trip. Grocery stores will have plenty of healthy snack and meal options that are already prepared for consumption. Stock your cooler with things like baby carrots, apples, cheese sticks, sliced peppers, and bottled smoothies. Grab some jerky, trail mix, and even a little bit of dark chocolate. Do your best to steer clear of overly processed and sugary foods, noting the ingredients list before purchasing.

Check Your Portions

Be careful of portions! If you purchase a large container of trail mix or a whole bag of popcorn, pick up some snack-size bags and divvy it out before you hit the road. Or simply pick up foods that are already in the right portion size. Even healthy foods can be harmful if you overindulge!

Be Intentional About Exercise

You’re probably not going to feel like hitting the hotel gym or pool after a long day of driving, but if you set your mind to it, it’ll be well worth it. Decide each day that you are going to be active and stick to it. The best option may be to knock it out before you hit the road. You can also choose a rest stop as your personal gym. Here’s an example of a roadside workout:

  • Warm up with a walk around the parking lot, some arm swings, and several jumping jacks.
  • Do 30 seconds to 1 minute circuits of squats, high knees, burpees, and traveling lunges. Repeat 3 times.
  • Cool down with another walk around the parking lot and some deep breathing and stretches.

Check out this website or do a quick google search for more exercise ideas for the healthy traveler such as yourself.

Get Some Sleep

In our fast-paced world, sleep can feel a little overrated. But it’s quite the opposite! Sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, especially when your lifestyle involves long hours on long highways. Give your body the opportunity to recover from the day before and prepare for the day ahead by getting plenty of sleep. Exercise helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer while contributing to energy during the day. So don’t skip your workouts! And if you haven’t filled your belly with too much greasy fast food, you’ll likely have a more restful night as well.

Enlist an Accountability Buddy

Just because you aren’t surrounded by coworkers all day doesn’t mean you can’t enlist a little help. Whether it’s your spouse, a fellow driver, a personal trainer, or a friend, find someone that will challenge you; someone who will check in to make sure you’ve completed your workout or text you new healthy snack ideas. Find someone who will cheer you on and lift you up. And do the same for them!

Your Health on the Road

It really is doable and simple to maintain your health on the road, wouldn’t you agree? Each one of these tips can be implemented right away and with minimal effort. But that effort will pay huge healthy dividends in the future! Here at Wave Express, we applaud your commitment to your health on the road!

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